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North Pittsburgh Systems, Inc. marks 100 years
North Pittsburgh Telephone Company was founded in 1906, and after a century in business, NPSI remains dedicated to providing our customers with the telecommunications products and services they want and need for their homes and businesses. 100 years…it's just the beginning.

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Turning Browsers into Buyers: Effective Website Conversions

Many website owners concentrate exclusively on marketing their websites and getting them high in Google. The real smart owners, however, recognize that 98% or even 99% of the traffic comes and leaves without doing anything - without converting from a browser to a buyer, or from a visitor to a lead. It’s sort of like a leaky bucket - you can keep pouring more water into it, but a more efficient solution is to plug the holes.

If this solution is so trivial, why aren’t more site owners worrying about conversion (or conversion rate, the percentage of visitors who take action)?

It isn’t as gratifying from a pure ego management standpoint. "Hey, I’m #1 in Google!" feels good. You can show your friends and show off to your competitors. However, no one but you and your bank account will know that more visitors are taking action on your web site.

  • You may have a lead generation website. Increasing your conversion rate will increase the number of leads, but your salespeople still have to work those leads to turn them into money. You have to keep track of which Internet leads closed to be able to feel good about the effort.
  • Lots of small companies feel that their site is just an electronic brochure - a place for prospects to go to be reassured that the company is real. What gets forgotten are all the other reassurances prospects need ("Can they do the job? Does anyone else use them? Will I get ripped off? Why can’t I find their phone number?")
  • Small businesses see their sites as an expression of who they are, and especially, of what the CEO loves. Emotion often gets in the way of making a profit.
  • We all tend to think that we know what the customer wants. However, most of the time, we’re wrong. Ironically, you - the site owner - have a harder time judging what your site needs to say and look like than an outsider. You’re already too familiar with the industry jargon, and you already believe strongly in your value. It’s difficult for you to look at your site with the same fears that someone who has never heard of you has.
  • Although there are some easy solutions, like five minute user tests and free software to help you, it can still be hard. The best sites test to see what works the best (and now, there is a free software solution, Google Site Optimizer, to help small businesses do that kind of testing.)

Nauticom is offering this Seminar lead by industry expert, Robbin Steif from LunaMetrics:

Turning Browsers into Buyers: Effective Website Conversions
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 9am - 12noon
Regional Learning Alliance, Cranberry Township, PA
Cost $99/Person ($75 for each additional person from the same company)
Register online at www.pittsburghwebdesign.net or by calling 724-933-9800.

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