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What is a DS3?
A DS3 is very similar to a DS1. The big difference is that, with a bandwidth of 45Mbps, a channelized DS3 has the ability to carry 28 DS1's (at a cost lower than just ordering 28 DS1's). An unchannelized DS3 will give you a 45 Mbps "pipeline." It is also a High Capacity Special Access Service that will provide you with high-speed, dedicated, point-to-point lines capable of transmitting multiple streams of information. Whether you are sending voice, data, or high quality video, a DS3 can fulfill your requirements. And since it is a dedicated line, the full bandwidth will be available to you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

How can a DS3 help me?
If you currently have multiple DS1's between two sites, then you may want to consider upgrading your service to a DS3.

The following applications are ideal for DS3:

  • Transferring large amounts of data between two or more sites
  • Teleconferencing (with high quality video)
  • Connecting large, robust LANs
  • Improve connectivity to busy web servers

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