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What is DSL?
DSL, or digital subscriber line, is a hot new technology that supercharges your existing telephone line, allowing data access speeds as high as 7 million bits per second - while you talk on the same line. That's 125 times faster than that old 56Kbps modem that you thought was state of the art when you bought it last year. Penn Telecom's DSL service comes in a number of flavors, but the most popular offering today is our symmetrical service, which is available at speeds of 512 or 768Kbps. With DSL you can access the Internet from a single PC or connect to a whole network of PCs at a price that is well below any other access service such as dedicated DS1 or frame relay. Considering a cable modem? DSL has some significant advantages over cable modems. With DSL, your connection to the Internet is secure - just like your phone line.
DSL bandwidth is not shared with your neighbors so it doesn't slow down as the number of users increases. Have a favorite Internet provider? Chances are you can keep your ISP if you switch to DSL, but with a cable modem, you will have to use the cable company's Internet service.

Why is DSL better?
Since DSL works over an existing phone line, installation is minimal. Generally, no new wiring is needed inside your home or business. No additional phone lines are required either. In fact, if you have an extra line just for your modem, you could actually remove that line and save nearly half of the monthly cost of DSL. What other service gives you so much capability and saves you money? None!

What makes DSL different?
Heard about the DSL offering from Verizon? Penn Telecom's DSL can provide networking alternatives that Verizon doesn't offer, like local area network extension. The symmetrical nature of DSL makes it ideal for building a low-cost wide area network where every user can send and receive information at the same speed. DSL is ideal for work-at-home applications. Penn Telecom can construct a custom, virtual private network using DSL in conjunction with frame relay or ATM to support salespeople, consultants, or anyone else who works remotely from their corporate network. That capability is just not available from Verizon's offering, which has a limited upstream bandwidth.

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