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What is Frame Relay?
Frame Relay switches and transports "packets of data" to multiple locations. The computer generates a data message (of variable length) with an address at the beginning, and an error checking code at the end. This packet or frame of data is then transmitted to a switch, which reads the address, and forwards the data without any alterations, to its destination. Penn Telecom offers Frame Relay service at DS0 speeds of 56K/64K up to DS1 speeds of 1.544 Mbps.

Applications of Frame Relay
  • LAN and host inter-connectivity
  • Connection to the Internet
  • Accessing a remote data base
Benefits of Frame Relay
  • A Flat Rate, Non-Distance Sensitive Service
  • Provides high speed interconnection without the expense of a dedicated network
  • Requires minimal hardware investment
  • Can be interconnected with other telephone companies or long distance carriers.
  • Data connectivity between multiple, widely distributed locations
  • Bandwidth on demand

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