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Voice Services
Penn Telecom Inc. is certified as both a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and an Interexchange Carrier (IXC). That breadth of functionality means one thing to you: CHOICE.

Choice when it comes to selecting your local, regional and long-distance voice communication provider. And, Penn Telecom doesn't represent just another choice among carriers. You will find a broad range of choices contained in our communications solutions portfolio. From Local Dial Tone to LD, from 800#/Toll-free to Unlimited Flat Rate plans, Penn Telecom has a solution to match your voice communications needs. Best yet, you can trust the quality, reliability and support of a company with the resources & expertise that a century of telephony experience confers.

Broadband Services
In this Internet-dominated era, your ability to communicate instantly with your customers and partners - around the globe and across a broad range of multi-media business applications - is absolutely imperative. That's why Penn Telecom has invested in an advanced broadband network… deployed right here in Western Pennsylvania. We've been a premiere provider of communication services for 100 years, and we aren't stopping now!

We have a range of next generation data services that can connect your business to the Internet, to your customers and suppliers, or to an ever expanding set of data & information storage sites. Our business-grade Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service provides an excellent entry-level solution for small and medium size businesses in need of high-speed connectivity to the Internet. Many customers over many years have extended their business operations via Penn Telecom's suite of traditional data offerings, including DS-1, -3, Frame Relay and ATM.

Recently, Penn Telecom introduced Metro Ethernet service, enabling our customers to extend the benefits and cost advantages of an in-house Ethernet LAN across this region and to multiple locations. In the near term, we will be expanding upon our Metro Ethernet with a compelling portfolio of IP-based services and applications, including Voice-over-IP (VoIP). A range of network-based, hosted applications will allow Penn Telecom customers to connect to, and leverage, the capabilities of advanced IT applications without the capital- and operational-expenses such functionality has traditionally imposed.

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