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Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)
For you, this means having the unprecedented option of choosing Penn Telecom as your telecommunications provider for your entire network, no matter what the boundaries. It means that Penn Telecom can now provide not only your phone equipment, data services, and long distance, but also your local telephone service. One provider, but the same incomparable service you'll only get from Penn Telecom.

The "C" in CLEC Stands for Competitive Competition...Choice...Cost-effective. As a CLEC, Penn Telecom brings competition into an area where you previously had no choice-no choice in service, no choice in rates. Penn Telecom can change all that.

Penn Telecom expands your local calling area while providing more attractive rates. Complement your high speed data delivery systems and equipment with reliable basic service. All the while, continue to experience the high level of reliable service you've come to expect from Penn Telecom.

As a CLEC, Penn Telecom offers you choice.
  • Competitive rates - Guaranteed savings.
  • Keep your same telephone number.
  • Custom calling packages.
  • Expanded local calling area.
  • No fee to switch.
  • 24-hour repair service.

Penn Telecom Coverage Area
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Coverage areas shown are general, please submit your address here to find out if we can serve you.

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