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Did you know that Penn Telecom can deliver big savings on your long distance calling charges? Now you do!

In a global economy, you need long distance rates that are easy to understand and won't do a number on your bottom line each month. With competitive rates from Penn Telecom Long Distance, you'll finally get the break you need. Depending on your company's usage, business rates from Penn Telecom Long Distance can be very attractive for calls made within the continental United States.

Even better, Penn Telecom's rate never changes - it's the same in prime business time as it is in off-peak hours. You'll also enjoy substantial savings on all your international calls as well. So whether you're calling cross-state or across the Atlantic, you're sure to get the best rate from Penn Telecom Long Distance.

Never Sacrifice Quality for Lower Rates
Our quality standards are extremely high...you can be sure your long distance connections will be clear; your transmissions will be error-free; and your network will be reliable. The only thing lower that Penn Telecom Long Distance offers is lower rates.

Call us on it!
Call us with your long distance charges from last month, and let us work up a comparison using Penn Telecom Long Distance rates. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain with Penn Telecom!

  • No Fees, No Gimmicks, No Minimums
    Save on all of your calls from the first minute
  • No worries about what you will save
    Flat per-minute rate
  • Same rate all the time
    24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Outstanding Customer Care
    Local Company with Four Regional Offices

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