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Does your business require ultra high-speed, robust connectivity above that of a DS3 connection? Perhaps you need to optimize the response time of a busy web server. Maybe you need enough bandwidth to quickly transfer audio and video files, or maybe you need to provide multiple streams of video. A SONET OC-3 (150 Mbps) can meet all of these Multi-megabit needs, or a SONET OC-12 (600 Mbps) can connect your business to a high speed global network.
Whatever your needs, Penn Telecom's sales representatives and Network Engineers can help provide fast, reliable service.

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)
SONET networks are highly redundant, with dual sets of fibers providing backup. Penn Telecom has deployed an dual, counter-rotating ring topology that provides optimal protection. A portion of the bandwidth, referred to as "overhead" is what allows for SONET's stability, versatility, and reliability.

OC-3c connections operate at 150 Mbps, allowing for 135 Mbps of data transfer after the SONET overhead is subtracted.

OC-12c connections operate at 600 Mbps, allowing for 540 Mbps of data transfer after the SONET overhead is subtracted.

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