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Imagine a service that allowed you to connect two of your corporate LANs, no matter how far apart they are, or connect your LAN to an Internet Service Provider for Internet connectivity. What if this service was available in either Native Ethernet (802.3) or Fast Ethernet (802.3u) protocols so that they matched your LAN protocols? What if you didn't have to buy expensive customer premise equipment to interface high speed connection to your LAN? And what if getting connected was as easy as plugging your router, hub, or computer into an Ethernet jack?

That is exactly what transparent LAN service is.

Now imagine the possibilities.
  • No Customer Premise Equipment to buy or maintain
  • No more hassle managing your WAN
  • No more hiring expensive staff to manage your WAN
  • No more buying and maintaining expensive equipment for your WAN
  • Two LANs connected transparently even though they're miles apart.
  • No more paying for expensive bandwidth that you don't need.

Contact us and have a sales consultant assess your needs. We have the equipment, experience, and the know-how to provide your company with a complete networking solution.

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