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Local Service - Now you have a choice in local phone service. When you choose Penn Telecom as your local phone provider, you'll find out what is really meant by "customer service".

Long Distance - Confused by your carrier's complicated long distance calling plans? You won't be with Penn Telecom. Our calling plans are simple, and your savings are clear.

800 Services - Could your business use a boost? Offering toll-free calling to prospects and customers can be among the most effective methods of attracting new customers to your business. Penn Telecom 800 Service is a solution at the ready.

Calling Cards - Need a calling card? Need a pre-paid debit calling card? We can help. Want to personalize the card for you or your business? Not a problem.

Voice Mail - Penn Telecom's Voice Mail is a voice messaging service that gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people at your home or business.

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